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Journals, Books and Book Chapters:

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Conference Proceedings:

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Selected Invited Talks:

  • The impact of user and network properties on opinion dynamics in online collaboration networks. Invited talk at the workshop Social Informatics: En Route Towards Asimov’s Psychohistory? Complexity Hub, Vienna, 2018
  • Understanding, predicting and controlling social behaviour in complex networks and systems. Invited talk at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute AIFB, 2018
  • Cognitive-inspired Recommender Systems. Invited talk in the GESIS CSS seminar, 2017
  • Social Computing and Recommender Systems. Invited presentation at ACIS at RWTH, 2017
  • Data-driven Innovation in Research and Education. Keynote at Didacta 2016.
  • Research Data Explored: Citations versus Altmetrics. Invited talk at Austrian Librarian Days 2015.
  • Altmetrics and Scholarly Communication. Session together with Peter Kraker at Barcamp Science 2.0 2015.
  • Science 2.0 and Big Data. Invited talk at ABDOS Tagung 2015.
  • Information Quality in Social Media (2011). Invited talk at Faculty of Computer Science, UNSL Argentina.



  • 2016: OpenUP (OPENing UP new methods, indicators and tools for peer review, dissemination of research results, and impact measurement), H2020 GARRI (CSA), EUR 2.3 Mio total, ~283k funding acquired for the own institution together with Peter Kraker from Know-Center
  • 2015: AFEL (Analytics for Everyday Learning), H2020 ICT 20, EUR 2.6 Mio total, ~610k  funding acquired for the own institution together with Vedran Sabol and Nina Simon from Know-Center
  • 2014: MoreGrasp (Restoration of upper limb function in individuals with high spinal cord injury by multimodal neuroprostheses for interaction in daily activities), H2020 ICT 22, EUR 3.5 Mio total, ~560k  funding acquired for the own institution together with Hermann Stern from Know-Center
  • 2014: FFG – K1 Research Center Grant (COMET center Know-Center), FFG, 20 Mio total for 8 years, in collaboration with the Know-Center management team in my role as then deputy area manager of the Social Computing area
  • 2014: QnHT 2.0 (HTS FFG Qualifizierungsnetzwerk), FFG, EUR 460.000 total